Sunday, 1 September 2013

Welcome to my Recipe Book

Hello Food Junkies and welcome to my Kitchen.
First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Catherine and I am a 17 year old A level student from Cambridge who has an innocent gluttony for all things food. (okay, guilty as charged)
As a student, I understand that impending sense of realisation that you're not as wealthy as you thought you were, yet you dont want to sacrifice life's little moments of happiness you find in having good food and drink.
It doesnt take a lot, but with very few ingredients you can completely turn around a mundane bowl of rice into a taste sensation! (No fear of the cliches right here)
I have a soft spot for baking and making sugary treats, so if you're finding that my dishes are slightly orientated around this idea fear not I will also be posting savory dishes aswell! Just so happens that I have a very sweet tooth and so a lot of the time this is what my stomach is telling me to cook..
Other than that noodles and pasta are a guilty pleasure of mine (and vegetables in a weird sort of quirky way)
So if my creations sound like something you would be interested in having a taste of, please stick around and have a mooch- its free after all!
Have a tasty day